Use of Hairpsray Related to Brith Defects

Mums to be are warned not to drink alcohol, no smoking, no pate, no eggs, no to certain cheeses. They have also been told no for specific beauty products.
There are growing concerns as to the exposure of pregnant women to chemicals which could lead to birth defects. This has led to calls for a new EU-wide cosmetics labelling system which can mark out certain makeup products as off-limits to mums-to-be.
This move follows the publication of results of a study which discovered that women exposed to high levels of hairspray during pregnancy were twice as likely to have babies born with hypospadias, a condition whereby the urinary tract grows on the underside of the penis.
The Imperial College London study suggested that these birth defects were related to chemicals in hairspray found to disrupt the hormonal systems in the body and impact upon reproductive development.


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