Body care tips

Body Care Tips

You only have one body – so look after it. To help you do this we have listed the best grooming and body care tips to ensure your body is in tip-top condition.


  • Should your arm muscles feel tired and weak, use upward strokes to rub in almond or olive oil into the skin of the forearm after a bath or prior to going to bed. Do this for three minutes.


  • Most of us do not even know that we ought to moisturise our breasts frequently. Use the palms of your hands to apply body lotion or almond oil, moving around the breast, lifting gently in order that you can massage the underneath and into your armpits. This assists toxins to be released from the breast tissue whilst helping the firming process.


  • Exfoliate your buttocks during your bath by using a slightly abrasive mitt with some bath gel on it. This removes dead cells and helps to level out skin pigmentation. Moisturise the buttocks well afterwards.


  • Should the skin of your cheeks be prone to dryness, put a bit of gentle, cream-based cleanser on a cotton wool pad and wash off with a damp natural sponge.


  • Do take care that you do not pull or drag the skin around your eyes when applying or removing make-up because this can speed up the arrival of premature wrinkles.
  • To maintain white, bright eyes, apply cold milk to your eyelids with cotton wool every morning.
  • Do not use a toner on the eyes. Just splash some cold water on your eyes after cleansing, which will invigorate your circulation.
  • Do not slap loads of super-rich cream on your eyes to replace moisture and restore elasticity, as this is going to overtax the delicate eye tissue and does nothing to enhance eyes.
  • To provide comfort for puffy eyes, soak some black tea bags in warm water and put over your closed eyes for 15 minutes.
  • Droopy eyes are due to a lack of muscle tone within the upper eyelid, plus the force of gravity pushing it downwards. Should you massage it frequently a period of time, you can regain some degree of tone.


  • To avoid a build-up of facial hair, gently rub the affected skin with a face cloth or bleach the affected skin with lemon juice.


  • Ensure you eat your dinner before 7pm.


  • Should your hair look dull and lifeless, oil it with coconut oil. Comb a tiny amount of coconut oil through your hair, from your roots right through to the ends. Leave the oil on overnight should you want a shiny head of hair.
  • For dandruff treatment, try this: mix one egg yolk, a squirt of lime juice and a couple of drops of camphor and put on your scalp for ten minutes. This method reintroduces the missing protein to your scalp. Then rinse your hair with warm water.


  • Put hand cream on your hands each time your hands have been in water as well as before you go sleep at night. You will find that glycerine-based hand creams are not greasy and enable effective rehydration of the skin.


  • Massage your jaw line once a week. Thereby, you will keep stagnation at bay and release a great deal of tension that this part of your face holds. If unreleased, this can lead to headaches, pains in the neck and jaw and dental problems.
  • To maintain spotless skin around the jawline, pinch and draw the jawline towards  your earlobe, where a lymph gland is situated that cleanses toxins. Try to undertake this exercise twice or thrice a day until the skin is improved. Keep on doing this once a week to retain clear skin.


  • To boost circulation and remove dead skin, use a soft tooth brush to occasionally massage your lips.
  • Cracking of the skin on the lips is caused by dehydration – resist the desire to lick dry lips for temporary relief as this only makes them dryer still.


  • The same way you cleanse your face, ensure you also cleanse your neck every morning and night. Start at your collar bones and work your way up to your jaw line.
  • Put a rich moisturising cream on your neck at night, as well as a moisturiser combined with sunscreen for the day time. Ensure coverage of the sides of your neck as well as the area around your collarbones.
  • To prevent rings of lighter skin around your neck, ensure that you hold yourself tall and straight and extend your neck up to its maximum length.
  • For the treatment of loose skin around your neck, stimulate that area gently using your palms in a sweeping action, and put some almond oil on the skin. Repeat this procedure every night and morning.


  • Freshen your gums using a salt rub, which will leave your mouth refreshed.


  • A really effective method for cleansing the skin is oil, especially of older skins. Put a bit of almond or sunflower oil on your neck and face, as well as your eyelids and rub the oil in gently. Leave it on for a minute. Then proceed to remove the oil with wet cotton wool or a facial sponge.
  • Try to develop the habit of putting a little oil or cream on to slightly damp skin every morning and night as this assists the ‘locking in’ of valuable extra moisture.
  • Lots of women tend to over-moisturise their skin, undermining its capacity to remain taut. On occasion, do leave your skin bare.


  • Should you wish to have a good night’s sleep, do not eat any high protein foods after 6pm as it takes your body longer to digest than other types of food.

Additional tips

In addition to the above tips for a healthy body, you can also apply some light makeup that will add a healthy glow to your face. See the tips below:

  • Should you use eyeliner, draw the line as near  to your eyelashes as you can, top and bottom. Should you wish, gently smudge the line for a softened effect.
  • When it comes to the application of eyeshadow, apply the colour thinly and slowly, with the darkest shade along the lid and at the outer corner of the eyes.
  • If you want a natural glow, put a bit of cream blusher on well-moisturised cheeks.
  • Match your lipstick to your skin tone as opposed to your clothes. Go for shades which flatter your complexion.
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