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Face make-up

For the face

Make-up is a powerful tool. On the face it is used to enhance features, create a look or identity, which in turn can help boost confidence. There are many uses for make-up. People often have their favourite brands and colours.

Below we list the most popular products that is used on the face.


Using foundation helps to balance out the colour of the skin and to give your complexion a radiance. It also helps to cover up blemishes on the skin and makes large pores look smaller. It also acts as a base layer on which to apply the rest of your makeup, to give you a flawless finish. There are three main types of foundation: cream, liquid and powder. It is applied to the face and neck to cover flaws in the skin, to even out the skin tone and to even change the natural skin tone.

Some foundations have other uses. These include moisturisers, a base layer to apply other cosmetics and as a sunscreen.


In many ways concealer is like foundation. Concealer covers dark circles, blemishes, age spots, skin discolouration and much more by blending these into the skin. Concealer is however, thicker and creamier and should be applied on top of foundation.


Face primer is a cream that goes under your make-up. It helps make-up to go on smoothly, keeps it in place and gives your skin an even-looking tone.


Blusher comes in a variety of shades of pink or coral, and is applied to the cheeks to give the face a warm colour and a healthy looking glow. Available as a cream or powder, you will have to find the right shade to match your skin tone.


Bronzer is used to add warmth and colour to the face. It helps to give the skin a healthy sun-kissed glow. Bronzer can be used to enhance your features and the shape of your face.

Setting spray

Setting spray is the final touch in your make-up routine as it locks everything that is underneath it. This mist like spray helps your make-up stay in place, last longer and prevents smudging, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying our make-up.


Face powder has been used for many many years. It is not a modern product although its functions and uses has changed over time. The main reason for applying face powder is to set make-up, contour the face and brighten skin tone. It usually is available as pressed or loose powder.


The purpose of highlighters is to give your face a radiant glow. Available in a variety of forms: creams, sticks, liquids and powders, highlighters brighten the face for an everyday look or can be used artistically to create a certain look.

Face Make-up Products

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