Selecting the right perfume

Selecting the right perfume says more about you than any clothes label. A perfume can affect your level of confidence and the level of attractiveness you feel.

There are a host of factors to consider when you select a new perfume.


Certain ingredients can release specific feelings in people when they smell them. Musk which is a spicier fragrance which is considered to arouse sexual feelings and vanilla is deemed to be another aphrodisiac.

On the other hand, floral and fruity scents are felt to be fresh, sensual and calming.

How it smells

Do not presume that because a perfume smells lovely on your family member of that it will smell exactly that way on you. Each person’s skin responds differently and hence each person smells different with the same scent on.

Don’t sniff!

Do not just sniff the bottle; spray a new perfume on your skin. The smell of perfume changes when it your skin comes into contact with it. Keep it on for about ten minutes prior to making a decision as to whether you like it or not. Do not test more than three or four perfumes at the same time. You will not be able to tell which scent it is that suits you.

On the pulse

It is best to apply perfume to the pulse points: on your inner wrists, behind your ears, and your lower neck. You can spray a little bit on your hair at arm’s length, and the aroma will be in the air each time you turn your head.

Should you be unable to smell a perfume on yourself 30 minutes after spraying it, this is an indication that it is suitable for you.

Floral, fresh and fruity fragrances are great choices in the summer. On the other hand, warmer, spicier scents are most suitable for the colder months. At the end of the day it is what you like that counts, so when choosing the right perfume, go for one that compliments your personality.

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