Face powder

Applying Face Powder

Is powder needed with foundation?

If you apply foundation under the rest of your make-up every day, then powder is not necessarily needed.

Face powders are mainly used to reduce extremely oily areas of the skin and to help look less ‘shiny’.

Different types of powder

Powder should be applied with a brush or a puff to the T-zone area first (the area across your forehead and nose), before being blended with other areas of your face.

Once the powder is on, cover it with the rest of your make-up, including blusher.

There are two types of powders: loose and pressed.

  • Loose powder is preferred by professional make-up artists because of its light, airy consistency which gives a very smooth, matt look and makes it less likely to streak on the skin. It also lasts longer than pressed powders.
  • Pressed powder has a compact, cake-like form. Although this type of powder sticks together longer, the oils it contains can cause the powder to streak on your face.

Applying face powder

When it comes to powdering your face – you have 2 options. You can use powder puffs or brushes.

  • Powder puffs come in a number of sizes, shapes and colours, but the most important thing to consider is the texture of the puff. A medium-textured puff made out of chenille is the best for applying powder. Fine-textured puffs that usually come with powder can cause streaking and may actually remove foundation from your face. Puffs with long hairs can also create fuzz on your face.

    To apply powder using a puff, rub the puff gently and evenly over your skin. Try not to use too much powder at once otherwise you could end up with an overdone, cakey look to your face.

  • Brushes allow you to apply a lighter amount of powder than a puff. Large and fluffy powder brushes can be used to apply both loose and pressed powder formulations.

    To apply powder using a brush, dip the brush in the powder and tap it to shake off the loose powder. Brush a thin coat of powder evenly over your face in downward strokes.

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