Foundation can be a powder or liquid that you apply to your face in order to enhance it’s colour.

The easiest and fastest way to apply foundation is by using a sponge. Make-up sponges come in many shapes and sizes. The most effective sponge is the ‘wedge’ as its corners make it easier to cover hard-to-reach places, like the corners of your eyes and the creases near your nose. Another option is concealer brushes, useful for applying foundation in small crevices.

What is the easiest way to apply foundation?

To apply foundation using a sponge, press it against your face and roll it gently over the area you want to cover. Try not to drag the sponge across your face as this can cause a streaky effect. To finish, press a tissue against your face to even out your application and lift off any excess foundation.

Brushes are also effective for applying foundation and are a favourite amongst make-up artists as they cover big areas quickly. A popular type of brush is a synthetic bristle brush which does not absorb make-up, rendering it easy to apply make up evenly. Synthetic brushes are also easier to clean than the natural-bristle ones.

Apply thinly

Whichever tool you use, remember to only apply a thin coat of foundation to your face. Too much foundation will leave you with a mask-like appearance.

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